Growing up in a Maine hunting family, firearms were part of our life. I shot my first rifle around the age of 5 and my first pistol at 7. My father instilled in us a great respect for firearms and I never wanted to disappoint him with improper use. I took my hunter’s safety course and hunted throughout my childhood and teen years. I believe teaching gun safety at a young age is vital.
I gravitated to physical sports and self defense as a kid, grew up a “tom-boy” wrestling with my brother and building a dojo in our basement. We would “train” using old Bruce Lee Books and videos my uncle gave us and spar our homemade dummy. I guess I never really grew out of it, I still love physical training.
In high school and college I began to be aware of how unprepared others were around me. I began to be afraid for friends who had to work late alone. I would stay with them sometimes until close and walk home with them. I would get frustrated with friends who thought they didn’t’ need protection or “couldn’t learn” how to fight. Despite my efforts, many of my friends wouldn’t do much to improve their chances in an emergency. “You can lead a horse to water…”
When I became a mother, a whole new world of vulnerability opened up… running isn’t exactly an option with a newborn or toddler. All a sudden there’s so much more stuff you’re toting around, you’re mind is everywhere and your hands are always full. This is when I got serious about carrying protection and layering it.
About this time I was becoming more aware of Human Trafficking locally and had someone close to me affected by it. I started working with a few organizations to spread awareness, change laws and reach out to victims.
I began teaching an hour long safety class while selling pepper sprays and stun guns hoping to help empower women and fight statistics. I loved the feeling after every sale knowing someone was now protected. I began getting asked to teach longer classes, so I got certified to teach the NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim program. I really enjoy teaching this class because it touches so many areas and can be geared towards any age group.
I started selling self defense products and holster options for women as a way to provide concealed carry gear for clients going through my classes and still have a great selection of self defense gear for those who don’t carry a firearm or want to layer their protection. Many women get overwhelmed with options or are intimidated by a male salesperson (especially if coming out of a violent relationship or attack) so by offering Safety Consulting we can talk in a comfortable environment and figure out what is more comfortable for you.
I became an NRA instructor in 2015 and expanded my Instructor credentials in 2018 by becoming a certified USCCA (United Stated Concealed Carry Association) Instructor. I am now certified to teach 2 NRA courses and 5 USCCA courses including Medical Emergency Response and Countering The Mass Shooter Threat.
My goal for East Coast School Of Safety is to provide a place for people to improve their knowledge and abilities that can keep them safe in a comfortable, judgment-free environment. By doing this I hope to bring crime statistics down and help put an end to modern human slavery. Maybe that’s a big goal, but I’m a “Go big or go home” kinda girl.